Our clients almost universally comment on how they benefit from counselling, how they again manage their circumstances well and enjoy/appreciate what they do have and can do.

Some of our clients comments are:

“Great service for us older people”

“I really felt she understood my situation well, helped me to work out coping strategies, and helped me to focus on the important issues … I feel confident going into the future now”

“This is a wonderful service for those of us who are older, experienced, used to coping – but in need of redirection, support and an empathic boost to keep going with dignity”

“It is very helpful to talk to an understanding person who is not personally involved in your situation. I do hope you can continue with this good service”

“I found my counsellor very easy to talk to and found the sessions a big help as I was going through a very difficult time”

“I thank WellElder for being available when other options are unaffordable. I also think the client needs to be serious and put into practice the suggestions of the counsellor”

“I have always thought that counsellors present a rather patronising manner and one would be on defence. That was not so. C was easy to talk to – a perfect counsellor. Thank you”

“Very helpful … has helped me move forward”

“I found counselling helpful as I was able to discuss things I couldn’t with anyone else. I feel much more able to cope”

“Affordable, professional counselling. C had an empathic and practical approach to my issues”

“For others, who, like me, may need take ‘time out’ in a caring and supportive environment to reflect, renew and fortify their sense of purpose in life”

“I have my stroke in its appropriate place now. Thank you”

“I am able to do things I would not previously have had the confidence to do”

“I’ve talked about things I’d ‘tucked away’“

“I’ve told my friends how useful this was and they’ve seen the improvement”

“I found it a great help “to get through” what I had”

“Counselling is often about ordering your thoughts, as it was in this case”

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