What we do

Older people are often challenged to cope with a number of significant changes. Sometimes these occur simultaneously. For example, their own reducing physical capabilities, becoming a carer for their spouse or partner, shrinking social opportunities, and loss of independence.

WellElder provides specialist, subsidised counselling for people aged 60 and over (from 55 if Māori or Pasifika) living in the Health NZ / Te Whatu Ora - Capital & Coast area. We counsel individuals, couples or family/whānau in Newtown, Johnsonville, Porirua, and Paraparaumu, and in clients’ homes if mobility is an issue.

Where can you get counselling?

Counselling is held at venues in Newtown, Johnsonville, Porirua, and Paraparaumu. We can arrange for in-home or remote counselling when mobility is an issue.

Riddiford House

Level 1, 94 Riddiford Street, Newtown

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Johnsonville Community Centre

3 Frankmoore Avenue, Johnsonville

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Pember House

Level 4, 16 Hagley Street, Porirua

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Coastlands Shopping Centre

First Floor, Paraparaumu

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Making an appointment with us

If you wish to make an appointment for yourself, you can simply self-refer.

We will need:

  • your contact details
  • your date of birth and ethnicity
  • your NHI number. This is your National Health Index number. If you do not know it, your medical centre can give it to you. (You need not know this when you first ring – you can let us know at your first appointment.)

Once we receive your self-referral we will contact you to arrange an appointment time and send you a letter confirming the date, time, place, and name of your counsellor.

If you wish to make an appointment on behalf of an interested family member, we will want to know that you have discussed this with your relation and that they agree to the counselling. We will usually also speak to them directly.

We are very happy to have an exploratory discussion to help you decide whether you think WellElder may assist your family member.

Client rights

When you contact us and see a counsellor you can expect:

  • to be treated with respect, including respect for your culture, values and beliefs
  • to be safe, physically and emotionally
  • to be listened to
  • to make your own decisions and, where appropriate, to have your counsellor’s support to reach these
  • to know your information and records are confidential, except where there is a risk of harm to you or others.

With your agreement your counsellor will liaise with other health professionals for you to receive coordinated and consistent care.

If you wish, you may see your notes and records. (We may need notice for this.) You may ask for changes to these, if you believe them to be incorrect or inaccurate.

We welcome any comments you have about our service, whether these are compliments or criticisms. We give you an evaluation form when you complete counselling. We also welcome feedback at any time. You can talk to your counsellor or ring or email the office.

If you are concerned about our service, please let us know.


Jane Leogreen

04 380 2440


Diana O’Neill

04 380 2440

If, after speaking with us, you are not satisfied, you may contact the Health and Disability Commissioner.

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