Counselling for a patient or client

Make a referral

If you are a health professional, support worker, social worker or field worker and wish to refer a patient or client, please use Professional Client Referral Form below. WellElder services cover clients with mild to moderate mental health issues.

Professional Client Referral Form

If you are an individual and wanting to self refer please use Personal Referral Form.

Personal Referral Form

We will contact you or your client as soon as possible (our office is open on Tuesday - Thursday).

Information we share

When we receive a referral from a medical practice, if the client consents, we will let you know:

  • when the client is scheduled to have their first appointment
  • when counselling is completed
  • the client's beginning and end ORS scores (Outcome Rating Scale)
  • if for some reason the client does not attend counselling
  • any information the client agrees would be useful for their doctor to know for their ongoing care
  • with the client's permission any liaison you request in the referral

In addition, we will always raise concerns with you during counselling, eg if the client is at risk or their self care compromised.

If the client does not consent to sharing information with their doctor, or the referral has been from other than a doctor, WellElder will report only that counselling has been held, the number of sessions and the client's Outcome Rating Score (ORS) at the beginning and end of counselling.

Posters and Brochures

You may want to print a poster for your waiting area

Download A4 poster for medical centres

Or order printed posters and brochures

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